ITM Development helps you turn that idea into a stunning iOS App which fulfills the user’s expectations. Our collaborative process begins with the first conversation. Our iPhone App design and development strategists will first analyze your idea for crucial insights in feature functionality, technical feasibility, and long-term monetization strategies. We go a step forward and refine ideas and then build it, design it and launch it.


  • We can link your shop online with a fast, off line Apps which let you be close to your customers 24/7.
  • Easy and fast communication with your loyal customers.
  • Transparent online payment integration.
  • We can manage any of your customer shipment logic related to your Shop.
  • We follow the latest Mobile development recommendation to get a user-friendly, very stable solutions.


We design and develop iPad Apps that leverage the full power and functions of an iPad. Our iPad app development team can build applications for any purpose including Process improvements, Employee portals, CRM, Field Sales, e-Learning, Business Intelligence, Menus, Games, Factory floor, and content-heavy Apps.

iPad Apps developed by us can run independently or interface with cloud-based or local web servers. These can run data models, monitoring software and providing complete reports on usage.

We deploy iPad apps as great experiences for your employees and customers providing enhanced security, seamless integration and never forgetting the Human factor which keeps us all buzzing.




ITM Development covers a broad spectrum of Android App development services at affordable prices. Using the growing strengths of Android, ITM Development can turn your ideas into powerful new tools and toys for the industry’s largest consumer market.


We have years of experience in the mobile application development area and are well versed with:

  1. Wi-Fi API’s.
  2. Android Media API’s.
  3. 3D Graphics.
  4. SDK.
  5. Open GL.
  6. Location-based Service API’s.

We have been developing apps for Android since the early days of the platform. We can help in the following fields:

  1. Social networking.
  2. Banking.
  3. Entertainment.
  4. Sports.
  5. Productivity.
  6. M-commerce.
  7. News.
  8. Apps from other platforms ported to Android.