ITM has developed Add-Ons and vertical solutions to enhance and expand the functionality of SAP Business One or to make it applicable and accessible in some industries; this development is based on our deep knowledge in SAP Business One and the careful understanding of our client’s pain and needs. Whatever your business needs, ITM helps you in improving your SBO system functionality through customized add-ons, industry solutions and integration with 3rd parties’ applications.


ITM practice provides rapid, high-quality, and cost-effective SAP implementation and support services. Integrated with highly talented consultants, quality processes, and proven tools, ITM ensures customers receive the most from their SAP investments. Our predictable and customer-centric approach minimizes risks and accelerates the realization of tangible benefits. ITM’s services are delivered via the SAP Best Practices, vast consulting experience, and vertical expertise. This results in a significant reduction in cycle time and overall project cost while improving productivity and feature richness.


We provide the best service quality to our customers and establish a lifetime partnership with our customer, with our support services, our customers can improve their performance and increase their stability and flexibility so that they can meet the continuing challenges they face and the evolving requirements of today’s marketplace.


B1iSN: ITM has the experience and knowledge of New Weaver and the entire SAP Technology Stack along with experience with SAP B1 in different localization and B1iSN integration tool, these experiences allow us to provide a B1iSN solution at global standards


ITM developed a service that allows a 3d party application to connect SBO to Create documents, Business Partners, Activities and other SBO procedures. This service supports:

  1. A large number of remote clients working at the same time.
  2. Clients running on various devices, such as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), POS (point-of-sale terminal), and mobile phone.
  3. Traditional Web applications using ASP or JSP.