MAG B1 / SAP Business One e-commerce connector

The Best SAP Business ONE Connector on the market

MAG B1 provides a connection to various E-Commerce solutions including Magento Community & Enterprise (1,2), PrestaShop, Shopware, eBay and can be integrated with many other E-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, etc.
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  • Automatic and manual synchronization of all contact information for business partners and their contact persons.
  • Document creation flow e.g.: Quotes, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Reserved invoices, Credit Notes, Incoming Payments, and draft documents.
  • Price rules defined in SAP Business One will be visible to customers when they log-in to the E-Commerce site.
  • Option for sales representatives to create an order on behalf of their customers from Magento E-Commerce.
  • Uploading historical data from SAP B1 to the E-Commerce platform (Orders, Deliveries, Credit Notes, Invoices, and Payments).
  • Partial delivery and its corresponding invoice from SAP B1 to E-Commerce.
  • Sending a tracking number to the E-Commerce platform.
  • Real-time update of customer orders and items.
  • Real-time update of stock level and product availability.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Store and website support.
  • Configurable for simple and grouped products. an option for customizations.
  • Option to manage custom attributes and map them to SAP fields from MAGB1 form.
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Key features


  • MAGB1 enables our customers to boost the efficiency of their virtual shop, thanks to the seamless connection between the e-commerce platform and SAP Business One.

    Maurizio Prior, CEO
    Maurizio Prior, CEO
  • MAG B1 is the best solution which facilitates quick and effortless customization. It is flexible, stable, easy to use, and cost effective. So, we are pleased to work with this add-on.

    Hugues Chancel MD AGENTIL SAS
    Hugues Chancel MD AGENTIL SAS
  • We have been fortunate to have partnered with ITM-development and commissioning them with Magento and SAP Business One integration solution. The ITM team managed to customize their MAGB1 solution to our specification and stood out throughout the whole project. They have a brilliant way of coming up with solutions in a timely manner. We valued extremely their hard work throughout the entire project.

    Archie Rankhododo, Web Presence Manager
    Archie Rankhododo, Web Presence Manager
  • It’s been a pleasure working with ITMD, their integrated web & e-Commerce solutions add great value to our SAP Business One product offering.

    Warwick Hopcroft, National Sales Director
    Warwick Hopcroft, National Sales Director


Build your own integration scenario or validation roles by using the MAGB1 extension manager. Your IT or SAP consultants with basic C# or knowledge, (or you can use one of our experts)  can create new scenarios, validation, or data integration without touching the core of MAGB1. When using our framework to create your extensions, you can be confident that any new version or upgrade of MAGB1 will be compatible.

User-friendly interface

MAGB1 Add-on is fully integrated with SAP Business One interface and menu, so there is no need to work with multiple programs to send your products to customers. Everything is done from the SAP Business One client.