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With an experience for more than 30 years, in sports clothes and accessories and a large presence in Belgium, Netherland, and Luxemburg.



MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. B2B store, with complex pricing structure and rules.
  2. Working with companies has a few contact persons for each company need to create an order for the same Business Partner.
  3. A lot of products created each week, with a lot of sizes and colors.
  4. Some products allow the backorder and some others not, and this defined through a property in SAP B1.
  5. Sales employees of Wolvenberg need access to Magento front-end and then create a new account in Magento, also create a sales order for a specific customer from Magento.
  6. More than 20k of products in Magento.


  1. Enable Advanced Pricing Extension on Magento and sync. It through MAG B1 to cover the complex pricing rules defined in SAP B1 in Magento eCommerce.
  2. Develop a new feature to cover the need of uploading the contact persons from SAP B1 to Magento.
  3. Create a new global extension for MAG B1 to upload the products automatically after creating them in SAP.
  4. Develop a new extension for MAG B1 specific for Wolvenberg, to change the backorder setting on product level according to SAP B1 settings.
  5. Activate the Sales Rep extension on the store to give sales employees the possibility to create orders for their customers also create new accounts.


  1. Deliver a complete solution to cover the complex need of B2B business from different pricing levels according to Item -> Customer -> Quantity -> From Date -> To Date.
  2. Provide to the end customer the perfect purchase experience and visibility to the orders, deliveries, and invoices.
  3. Up to date collections always available on the store and provide full information to customers and sales representatives about what is available in the store and what is not.
  4. Sales employees now can create orders for their customers on the go through Magento, also get more revenue by quickly creating the new accounts.

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