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Ritchey Logic

Tom Ritchey is one-of-a-kind. He continues to juggle his duties as president and lead designer of our company, now distributed in over 40 countries, while still logging 10,000 miles a year all over the world. His latest passion is Project Rwanda, which strives to further economic development in Rwanda through initiatives based on the bicycle.



MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. PrestaShop e-Commerce with combinations according to the size.
  2. Different prices according to the size of the shoes.
  3.  Multiple language PrestaShop.
  4. Some invalid settings were done on the hosting preventing images to get uploaded through the API.
  5. A bug in PrestaShop where the product is not hidden well if the stock is 0.


  1. Uploading the items from SAP B1 to PrestaShop through the MAG B1 interface gives its users the possibility to choose the combination settings easily.
  2. Enable the price extension to upload specifically for PrestaShop, this gives automatically the price information according to shoe size from SAP B1 price list.
  3. Managing languages from MAG B1 item upload is possible and built-in, for Magento and PrestaShop.
  4. ITMD support team fixes the settings of the server, also fixes the bug in PrestaShop core by modifying the templates files without touching the core itself to avoid any issues with the upgrade in the future.


  1. 100% Integrated PrestaShop with SAP Business One through MAG B1 connector where the master is SAP B1.
  2. Provide a good user experience with the support of multiple languages so people across Switzerland could use the store with no issues.
  3. No more problems with orders for non-available products anymore after fixing the visibility bug of PrestaShop.
  4. Accurate information provided about the pricing of the shoes according to the size.


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