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Cornaz SA

Founded in 1895 in Switzerland. The CORNAZ ALLAMAN has experience and specialization in the management of the development projects as the part of building or rebuilding of individual or collective housing.


MAG B1: Customer Success Story 


  1. It’s not a web shop but online catalog, need to be very nice, well-structured and clean for the end customer too see how much Coranz SA has qualified products they can trust in the hard winter of Switzerland.
  2. Cornaz SA want to manage their content through Joomla CMS system, also want to display the categories and product inside Joomla
  3. Very complex collection page, contains: (Slider, PDFs, 2 levels of tabs)
  4.   Users on Cornaz SA side, very familiar with SAP B1, so it was for them very complex to work on a new interface like Magento


  1. The web development team of ITMD had to link Joomla and Magento through Joom-bridge extension.
  2. Complete new design for the category and product page, while we had to remove everything related to the sales and keep only pictures, and text (we keep in mind that in the future customer could enable the online purchase).
  3. Develop few extension and APIs for Magento to cover the complex product page and all object inside it dynamically with minimum effort from the data entry.
  4. Create add-on for SAP B1 to manage the tabs, and PDFs of the collection from Item Master Data Interface.


  1. One website, and one platform combine Cornaz SA company profile and online catalog, with the power of CMS (Joomla) and e-Commerce (Magento
  2. 100% the master is SAP B1, there is no need for the users to switch from SAP B1 to Magento or Joomla, but everything done through MAG B1 wish mains up to date collections available for customers in the same day users enter them to SAP.
  3. All related information about the collection, like colors, sizes, material, PDFs, types …etc. available for the end users by using the interface of item master data of SAP B1.

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