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Brazil is founded in Switzerland and is proud to distribute the best skateboards brands like: Element, Girl, Lakai, Matix, Alien Workshop, Sk8mafia, Spitfire, DVS, Chocolate, Diamond, Plan-b, Four Stars, RVCA, Krooked, Mabasi, Mr Lacies, The Berrics, Alpinestars, Destructo, thunder, Habitat, and many other brands.


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MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. Big Distribution Company with more than 300k products in SAP B1, and 2 online shops.
  2. For the B2B store, Brazil wants to publish all pricing roles existing in SAP B1 on the customer level.
  3. Sales employee must have the possibility to use the B2B store to create orders on behalf of the customer
  4. Other stores sell products of Brazil, but they don’t handle the logistics and shipping, Brazil want to have all orders in Magento shop for better visibility and to be able to sync everything with SAP B1.


  1. With the Item Upload feature of MAG B1 there is a lot of filter possibility to upload a batch of items easily.
  2. Manage a few stores with MAG B1 could be done easily.
  3. We had to enable the advanced pricing extension to upload all discount roles from SAP to Magento.
  4. For Brazil B2B store, we installed the Sales Rep. extension on Magento and make it’s configurations on B1 side, so for sales employees after login they will be able to see their customers, add a new customer and add sales order on behalf of the customer.
  5. ITMD develops an extension to transfer orders from other stores to Brazil B2B store if needed.


  1. Easley synchronizes more than 15k of products from SAP B1 to Magento with MAG B1 batch Item Upload.
  2. Customers of Brazil see their own prices on the B2B store after login included discounts or tier pricing, wish gives more sales results.
  3. Sales employee’s commission and deals more clear because all order information handled automatically through MAG B1.
  4. With the complex extension that links Magento to other distributors, online store orders are proceeded much faster and easier also shipped directly to the end customers.

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