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Bisou24 is a modern company which has quality products for lingerie and fashion. It has an enormous presence in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with steady success. Currently, Bisou24 has over 10,000 different products offered by Bisou24 Group.


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MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. Different prices for each website
  2. The master will be SAP B1 so it’s a must to upload a lot of HD picture through the interface of MAG B1
  3. Each week new collections arrived and it was very hard to manage the sizes of the products through Magento, as each configurable product could have more than 20 size, so usually entering 10 bra need to create around 200 products in Magento manually (a real nightmare for the data entry stuff).
  4. For each subsidiary we have different language in communication with the customer.
  5. Internal purchase and logistic control was always done manually and that cause a lot of bad data entry, and delay in deliveries


  1. New feature for MAG B1 delivered to cover the needs of different price list and currency per website under same Magento installation.
  2. Memory optimization was done on the picture upload to cover the customer need of uploading more than 10 HD picture for the same product
  3. Excel file with a complex Macro was delivered to the customer, and developed by ITMD team to create the new collection with the sizes with in few clicks, and create also the item master data object in all SAP B1 databases for each subsidiary.
  4. Create a new extension for MAG B1 wish create a new purchase order in logistic center once a new sales order created in subsidiary.


  1. Because of the support of multiple website in MAGB1 already it was simple to send the products, orders and customers from SAP B1 to Magento or vise-versa through MAG B1.
  2. Because of language mapping in MAG B1 it was simple to communicate and send invoices according to end customer language.
  3. There was a dedicated person to enter the collection for each week, working very hard on Magento, but not anymore now with the new excel file creating hundreds of products with picture and send them to Magento within a few hours.
  4. Increase the customer satisfaction because of the high speed of processing orders and deliveries with the new extension for MAGB1 to manage the internal purchasing process.

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