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AMPELMANN is Berlin’s iconic brand featuring the Eastern “Ampelmännchen” (the two traffic light men). As a city brand We offer innovative products and unforgettable experiences in our capital city. For Berlin tourists, a stop at the Ampelmännchen is a must. And Berlin citizens can experience with us their hometown from a new angle.


MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. The master will be SAP B1 so it’s a must to upload a lot of HD picture through the
    interface of MAG B1
  2. The customer order the repair his devices by the website
  3. Create the Order for the B2B situation
  4. Add the orders or update it and allow to add new lines, and synchronize the B1 order with the Magento for the customer approve it, if it needs
  5. Create the Service Call and Return for each device
  6. Allow the customer to type the order reference
  7. Check the component Items stock availability
  8. Send email to the customer to inform him if the stock ok or not or for customer approve the order
  9. Change the Service Call status for each operations (waiting the approval needs approval, Stock is Ok …)
  10. Deliver the return


  1. MAGB1 standard can download the order from the website.
  2. We created windows application for searching and create customers and orders or update the orders and create the Service Call and the Returns and deliver the
  3. Create a new extension for MAG B1 wish create to make synchronize between the B1 and Website and sensing the emails.
  4.  We change the service Call status by the application and extension
  5. We created new extension in Magento Website for the synchronize and the
    customer reference


  1. MAGB1 already it was simple to send the products, orders and customers from SAP B1 to Magento or vise-versa through MAG B1.
  2. Because creation the extensions in MAG B1 it was simple to make the synchronize between B1 and Website
  3. The user allow to add and update the orders without B1 client with indirect license
  4. Increase the customer satisfaction because of the high speed of processing orders
    and deliveries with the new extension for MAGB1 to manage the internal
    purchasing process
  5. Monitor the reparation flow by the service status, where the service status is changing automatically
  6. Monitor the stock availability for the devices components
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