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Starting 2009 Absource Diagnostics GmbH is a distributor and partner for products and customer service within the field of Life Science. Absource has established a highly developed a distribution network within the whole of Europe including England, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, France, Norway, and Belgium.



MAG B1: Customer Success Story


  1. With more than 100k of products in Magento, and a totally new SAP Business One project, MAG B1 connector had to transfer all those products with all their custom options, languages, and settings to SAP B1 so the ERP will be the master in the future.
  2. 5 Languages to manage in the store.
  3. Because SAP B1 will be the master we had to manage the language attribute options also from SAP B1, also because some attributes had more than 4k of options it was nearly impossible to manage this in any web browser.


  1. We had to enable the automatic download for the products through MAGB1 service then we make sure that all products will be in both systems.
  2. We have done a new feature for MAG B1 to have the possibility to manage the custom options from SAP B1, so any product will be added in the future will be completely managed only in SAP.
  3. A new feature delivered to the customer to have the possibility to manage the languages of the attribute options from SAP B1 tables (completely dynamic if a new language added).


  1. Easier management for the products from SAP B1, also for the attribute options.
  2. Better visibility for the stock and sales process through the document flow feature of MAGB1.
  3. Reduce the time to enter new products to the store.
  4. Managing the stock in Magento is no longer needed as MAGB1 takes care of this automatically for the 100k products.

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